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The Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm, charged with hacking companies and bank.

The co-founder of The Pirate Bay Gottfrid Svartholm has been charged with hacking.Together with three others he is suspected of hacking several companies including a bank, from where he allegedly attempted to transfer money. This are the new changes that will most likely mean that Svartholm will remain in prison when his Pirate Bay sentence concludes next month. The charges has been made by a Swedish prosecutor.


“The data breaches involve very large amounts of data from companies and governments, including extensive personal data such as social security numbers and private details,”- Henry Olin.(prosecutor)

Source: Computer Sweden

The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard, TPB AFK released.

The documentary about the famous peer-to-peer file sharing website The Pirate Bay, has been launched. It shows the indepth story of the members who founded the site, directed by Simon Klose


And you guessed it right you can download this movie from The Pirate Bay ! You can even watch it on the YouTube see official video of the full movie below.

But if you want to support you can buy a DVD from them, here. DVD pre-order cost $23

Or you can pay $10 to watch it from their site, link in the Source link at bottom.



Torrent Download link: The Pirate Bay

Source: TPB AFK

The upcoming Pirate Bay documentary, TPB AFK

There is an upcoming documentary about The Pirate Ba, TPB AFK. Which shows about the life of  the founder of the worlds most popular torrent tracker.

And if you have been wondering what does TPB AFK stands for, it means The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard, watch the official trailer below.


AA line that I liked from their website “Coming soon to a hard drive near you!” That’s classic they knew that people will download the movie from torrent!  Although this is a free movie, you can pre-order the movie for $10.


For more info click the source link.

Source: TPB AFK