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Abuse of Dropbox and spreading viruses through shared folders and public links.

Recently there is a new group of cybercriminals in Brazil that are spreading some virus using Dropbox. As I am a big fan of Dropbox , I thought that it would be nice to draw the attention and warn other fellow users.

Infected Dropbox link

The cybercriminals claiming that they got some leaked nude photos of the actress Carolina Dieckmann, in a Youtube video they showed a link shortened by Google URL shortner, that is actually a Dropbox referral link(free space). The victim has to signup to Dropbox and install it. Then the cybercriminal shares a shared folder where they claim to have the pictures, but actually here where they have stored the viruses. And in some cases they are also giving a public download link, from a file in their pubic folder.

We have seen earlier that this kind of files being shared on popular file sharing sites, but the abuse of such a nice service like Dropbox! I haven’t imagined. It’s my request to the dear Dropbox please make a check, at least to the link of public folders, if you want the infected files link which are stored in the attackers Dropbox I can provide it to you.

Note: According to my antivirus the virus was a variant of Win32/Spy.Banker.WXM trojan there may be other variants or different viruses too.