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Gmail phishing on the rise to steal your Gmail password


We use Gmail and other Google service a lot these days, think what could happen to you if your Gmail password lands up in the hands of cyber criminals. Recently there is a special kind of spam mail going around that is made to believe its from Gmail itself but actually its not. The email says that Google has changed your recovery mail address (which Google or any other mail provider wont do by them self ) and they now want you to confirm or reject it by clicking on a link. Although the links reads as a original Google address and when one opens the site it looks like one of the Google login page but actually its a page designed to steal the login credentials.

Here is a copy of the email content.

Dear Account User,

Thanks for updating your e-mail address with us.We changed your recovery e-mail address in our files to meesheey@hotmail.com.If this is correct, you can disregard this e-mail. If the new e-mail address is not correct or you did not request this change. Follow the instruction in updating your account

However, Failure to do so may result in account suspension permanently.

Thanks for using Gmail!.




If you happen to get this email in your account do not click any links on the mail, and delete the email.