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My thoughts on WWDC 2013 Keynotes.

iOS 7, is it really Designed by Apple?

Apple showed off their latest iOS version on WWDC 2013. Well while I love the functionality of the new OS, I am not happy with the design process.

I mean the icons looks as if its designed by a kid with a box by crayons. It has too much of colour and it no way looks like its made by Apple. It seems that someone has installed a Cydia Theme in iOS.

I am sharing some pictures of the new iOS7 do comment your thoughts about it. Do you like it or hate it?








Mac OS X Mavericks uses Windows file sharing by default. Why?

OS X Mavericks

As you already know that Apple OS X uses AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) and Windows uses SMB (Server Message Block), the new Mac OS X uses SMB2 over AFP !

Ok, I know you will say that how does it matter? or You would say it would be easier to share with Windows based computers. Well yes, but one of the most like feature of the Mac OS X, Time Machine over LAN relies on AFP. Third party Time Machine manufacturers have to reverse-engineer AFP to keep it working with the new version of OS X. What more bothering me is that who selected SMB2 ? OS X prior to OS X 10.7 uses open source implementation of SMB , called Samba. (used in popular Linux distro too) With OS X 10.7 , Apple replaced it with their own implementation SMBX.


Really Apple needs Steve Jobs.


Source: Apple Core Technologies Overviews. (PDF link)

Apple releases update to Mountain Lion 10.8.1 (Beta)

Recently Apple has pushed a  Mountain Lion Update 10.8.1 to developers 38.5MB update (beta) to Mountain Lion that will address Thunderbolt display noise issue.


Mountain Lion Beta Update 10.8.1
Mountain Lion Beta Update 10.8.1 (Beta)

Apple suggested its developers to focus on USB, PAC proxies in Safari and Microsoft Exchange capability in Mail app in the upcoming update.

Testers are requested to check wifi issue and audio issue when a MacBoo Air is connected with a latest Thunderbolt 27-inch LED display.


Apple OS X Mountain Lion Upgrade

There were lot of rumors on which models will be supported and which Macs wont be supported for the upgrade to he new OS X Mountain Lion. When Apple first pushed the update to the developers not all 64 bit Macs were supported. But now with the final release too all the 64 bit Macs are not supported.

Here are the list of Macs that are supported that can be Upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion:


  • iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)
  • MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)
  • Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)
  • Xserve (Early 2009)


Mac OS X Mountain Lion


Till now there has been no comment from Apple’s side on the why all 64bit Macs are not supported.Apple always have been bit of aggressive when it comes to hardware specification, personally I think its this practice in good in a way. As most of the computer users are not tech savy, there are many general users to, and we know that the higher the version of software the greater is the harware requirements. S o in a way if the hardware is more speced up, then minimum requirements the end user would have a better experience.


Source: Apple