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Microsoft Security Essentials misses 39% of Malware.

Microsoft Security Essentials which is a free product from Microsoft , now given to every Windows 8 and 8.1 users in name of Windows Defender. Has failed to detect 39% of the Malware in Dennis Test.
Norton Internet Security received the strongest protection rating online casinos in DTL”s tests, detecting 99% of malware(result includes false positives),while Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 provided the best overall level of protection.

Full Scores and Details of individual antivirus programs can be downloaded from here


Microsoft Office 2013 won’t let you transfer license to new computer.

If you are using Microsoft Office 2013, think twice before upgrading or changing your computer as the license of Office 2013 is tied to the computer it was installed on. The license can not be transferred to a new computer. However the Office 2013 can be installed on the same computer more than once in case the software crashes. But what if the original computer you installed the Office 2013 crashes, gets destroyed, gets stolen ? Well Microsoft said “No Comments”

office 2013


I think its time people start moving away from Microsoft Office products as there are many better alternates available on the market and at a lower price point, low as zero. You can use LibreOffice on your computer you can view , edit, create doc,docx, xxls, xslx, ppt, pptx with it and also create word to pdf at zero cost. Or if you always have a internet connection then you can try the Google Docs too.

I wonder how much the sale will impact if you can not trasnfer the license from one computer to another even if you have paid for the software. Microsoft Office 2013 is just begging to be pirated.

Do leave your comments and share your views, what do you think about this move by Microsoft? Would you still buy Microsoft Office 2013 , or look for alternatives?

You can't access Google Maps on Windows Phone.

If you have  Windows Phone 8 then you can not access Google Maps through the Internet Explorer browser. If you try to access the Google Maps page, you will be automatically redirected to Google home page.


google maps icon


We have seen earlier that Google does not play well with Microsoft OS, be it the new Windows 8 desktop OS or the Windows Phone OS. But unable to access the Google Maps web version is a completely different story. It seems to be the problem with rendering engine if the browser as the real reason.


Windows Phone devices


The Google Maps mobile web version was made with WebKit engine, which never supports in Internet Explorer. As I personally don”t have a Windows Phone 8 device, I tried visiting the Google Maps mobile web from a desktop browser by changing the user-agent and was redirected to Google homepage.

Statement issued by Google: “The mobile web version of Google Maps is optimized for WebKit browsers such as Chrome and Safari. However, since Internet Explorer is not a WebKit browser, Windows Phone devices are not able to access Google Maps online slots for the mobile web.”

Luckily the Windows Phone 8 has Bing Maps and Nokia Maps which the user can use as an alternative.


Update 1

Google is now restoring Google Maps access on Windows Mobile. Below is a statement from Google.

“We periodically test Google Maps compatibility with mobile browsers to make sure we deliver the best experience for those users.

In our last test, IE mobile still did not offer a good maps experience with no ability to pan or zoom and perform basic map functionality. As a result, we chose to continue to redirect IE mobile users to Google.com where they could at least make local searches. The Firefox mobile browser did offer a somewhat better user experience and that’s why there is no redirect for those users.

Recent improvements to IE mobile and Google Maps now deliver a better experience and we are currently working to remove the redirect. We will continue to test Google Maps compatibility with other mobile browsers to ensure the best possible experience for users.”


Story behind the missing YouTube app in Windows Phone.

Microsoft has been wanting to put the YouTube app on its Windows Phone for a long time but Google seems to be not at all interested. Earlier we have seen that Google said it won’t be making apps for the Windows 8 desktop OS. It now seems that Google is not intersted in both the desktop and mobile OS of Microsoft.

Even though the users of Windows Phone can access YouTube along with Google’s other products through the web, but a dedicated app is very much required when the rival mobile OS like Android and iOS has those apps. Also the users feels more comfortable using the apps rather then the web page of the services.


Windows Phone devices



Dave Heiner, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft. said  “Microsoft has continued to engage with YouTube personnel over the past two years to remedy this problem for consumers” . Personally I think that Google is also loosing a lot of YouTube viewers because of the lack of app on Windows Phone platform.But it seems that Google thinks, not making the YouTube app on Windows Phone will make the hard core YouTube users to buy an Android device over Windows Phone.


“Win 8 Security System” has nothing to do with Windows8 ,its just a Fake Antivirus , rouge software.

There has been a lot of Fake Antivirus, it has been a trend that , the name of these softwares were always named in such a way that it can be confused with a Windows or Microsoft software. The latest one is “Win 8 Security System” it can be very easily confused with a software program or some software related to the upcoming Windows 8, by general computer users.

The Win 8 Security System works by installing a rootkit driver that takes the control of all the process of the operating system.

Win 8 Security
Win 8 Security, the Fake Antivirus software.


The rootkit is installed in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers\51991c15f7a6834.sys (note the numbers are random, your may be a different filename but the location is the same) The rootkit is of two  variant the 64bit , the rootkit disables the Windows 64bit kernel-mode driver signing. The cyber criminals also went ahead and slef signed the rootkit driver, note that the certificate date starts from 30th August (yesterday) !

Note the date of the certificate on the Fake Antivirus it starts on 30th August thats yesterday.

The virus also creates a Fake Action Center which shows the user that the computer is not fully protected.

Fake Windows Action Center

Browser Hijack, the proxy settings gets changed it happens both IE and Chrome , so whatever you type in the address bar it gives a fake  warning.

The main purpose of these fake antivirus is to scare the user and ask them to pay money and says that if you pay money the will get it out of your system and you should know this they wont! even if you have submitted your credit card (which is taken by the cyber criminals) I have seen many people who have regretted submitting their credit card. So, my request is that please do not submit your credit card, they will steal your money and not fix your computer.

They say to buy the software and they will fix your PC, but they wont trust me.


Clicking the shortcut icon to buy the software will add this to your computer registry   Target: C:\WINDOWS\system32\reg.exe add “HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT” /v FrameworkBuild /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f that will open the shopping cart

Shopping cart designed to steal your credit card information.



How to remove it?
You must be wonderring how to remove this from your PC. You can use the Hitman Pro software (you will get a free licence with the download)
Hitman Pro running on 64 bit machine.


Is Windows 8 Spying On You?

Recently there has been reports that the Microsoft”s Windows 8 is spying via SmartScreen. Analysis by security researcher Nadim Kobeissi have found out that there is potential privacy threat to Windows 8 users due to ScreenSmart system. The ScreenSmart is built to check if the application that the user wants to install contains malicious code.

“The big problem is that Windows 8 is configured to immediately tell Microsoft about every app you download and install,” Kobeissi wrote. “This is a very serious privacy problem, specifically because Microsoft is the central point of authority and data collection/retention here and therefore becomes vulnerable to being served judicial subpoenas or National Security Letters intended to monitor targeted users.”

The SmartScreen keeps a note of all the applications you install and researchers have also claimed that the install logs from your computer hard drive are also sent to Microsoft. And this data can be snooped by third-parties. As because the data is sent over from your computer to Microsoft over casino online SSLv2 protocol which is breakable.

Although as you might know SmartScreen can be turned off, but the system automatically gives you reminder to turn it of. And yes Microsoft have denied the fact. I am sharing a screenshot of captured packet from a Windows 8 system which clearly shows that the data is being sent to Microsoft and the data can be received by third party.


So what do you think? do comment below.

Generic top-level domains.

ICANN has started accepting applications for generic top-level domains.Whic means one can have a custom name like ,companyname rather than .com Big companies have started booking and protecting their brand names. Ferrari has booked a .Ferrari too. But a great number of booking has been made for the .app domain. it would be very interesting to see what happens when the generic top-level domains comes into play.

generic top-level domains
It would be interesting to see the URLs when generic top-level domains comes out.

Skype reveals your IP to the hackers.

A latest security hole in the world’s most popular VOIP software Skype has raised a lot of security issue. Apparently Skype reveals your IP address and as we know that is like an address of your computer on the internet. So hackers can harm you with this information.

And the interesting part is that the vulnerability is being shared by a person on some ppopular file sharing website. A quote from that person on the file sharing website “This is help you to get info about skype user: City, Country, Internet provider and internal user ip-address … Now you can troll him about CIA and Mossad, he-he. ”

For the vulnerability to work the victim needs to be online. Skype is yet to make any comment on the topic, personally what I can suggest is that to protect the computers IP, is you can use VPN to cloak the original IP of the computer.