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India Government bans telecom equipment from foreign companies.

Indian Government has decided not to take any telecom equipment from foreign companies, like ZTE, Huawei,Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Alcatel Lucent and others.

This includes the 3.8 billion USD ,NOFN project (National Optical Fiber Network) by DoT (Department of Telecom). The NOFN project would have brought high-speed internet even to the rural parts of the country. This project is to be done along with BSNL and MTNL.



Government now says that,it will go 100% domestic sourcing on equipment. The companies they selected are Tejas Networks, Prithvi Infosystems, Center for Development of Telematics (C-DoT), VMC Systems, Sai Systems, United Telecoms, and SM Creative.



Government can Spy on Your Beloved Gaming Console too.


Well you knew that Government can peep into your computer and your mobile phone and now guess what, they can do the same with your gaming console ! (Yes, you read it correct gaming console like Xbox360, Play Station, etc). The US Navy was awarded with $177,237 sole-source research contract to Obscure Technologies like gaming consoles encryption key. As we all know that todays gaming consoles can not only play games but can connect to Internet , chat and store data on their massive internal storage, the Government thinks that they can dig a gold mine of sensitive information in them.

But i really wonder why will a terrorist play Modern Warfare over real war? and why will any criminal play Grand Theft Auto over real life crime? And if it happens that some real criminal does stores data that can e used by Government to stop crime or put the bad guys in prison, why wont the Government simply ask the vendor to decrepit the data I am sure gaming console manufactures will do hat for them. We have seen in the past how FBI took help from Google to unlock the Android pattern lock of a criminals phone.
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