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BitTorrent releases in browser torrent client , Surf for Google Chrome.

BitTorrent recently released a alpha version of in browser torrent client named Surf.  It will let you download torrent directly from the browser with the help of plugin. The company saya the plugin for Firefox is on its way. Till then if you want to play with the Google Chrome version of the plugin you can get it from Google Web Store here

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Google Chrome comes to iOS

The popular browser on desktop on Windows, Mac and Linux, has made its way to iOS. And its supported on iPhone, iPad ad iPod Touch. After Safari Chrome is no doubt the best browser on iOS devices, although we had many other browsers for iOS but Chrome is undoubtedly the best one.

Some of the features of Chrome for iOS

Sync (yes you can sync it with the Chrome on your desktop)

Super Fast Page Load

You can send pages from your Chrome on computer to your iOS device and you can even read those pages when your are offline.

What I liked the best is the over all UI, opening multiple tabs (more than Safari) and managing them can be done very swiftly.




You can download Google Chrome for iOS from the App Store for free. click here

Firefox The 13 – Firefox 13 kills the 3.6

Mozilla an open source company has now been thinking how to force people to use what they like, by force updating Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 13. This is very unlikely for an open source project. Firefox has now a days racing with the version, but actually what i think that is actually making the user miss some of the features )all in the name of security) , example Favicons which Firefox proudly removed n name of security risk.

The stability and usability of Firefox 4 or greater have been a great issue on older machine and now Firefox force feeding update will make a lot of users switch . Personally I use to like Firefox a lot had many addons and plugins but since FF4 and above I have only lost addons and plugins for each upgrade (in one of my machine  I was still able to keep FF3.6) that make me switch to Google Chrome, till now i have never found any plugins or addons crashing after any Chrome update.