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Oracle pushes security patch to Java for CVE-2012-4681

The security flaw of Java that was included in the Blackhole exploit kit, got patched today by Oracle. Oracle released this patch today which was Slot bonus models require gamers to twist and switch their device, Curler roulette mobile.the-best-casinos-online.info/roulette.php enables the consumer to spin the reel and toss the ball in &#8211 neither which are ground-breaking ideas but both add an additional facet of play that other mobile casinos don't. originally to be pushed in October.

Install the Patch for CVE-2012-4681

It is advisable to install the patch for Java on your computer. To know more about CVE-2012-4681 and its patch please do visit the following official link of Oracle.



Its Time You Disable Java On Your Browser. New Java exploit , included in the Blackhole exploit kit , Oracle was told about this exploit in April.

Recently there has been lot of malwares and virus designed with help of Java, to make the malicious code run anywhere, be it Windows , Linux or Mac. But a flaw in the Java itself which was informed to Oracle , in the month of April, has still not being patched. And thus the exploit has been public which is now included in Blackhole exploit kit, to spread virus to Windows machine.

Brain Krebs was first to find out the that  CVE 2012-4681 was being added casino to the Blackhole exploit kit,security company SophosLabs also confirmed it. As of now its only known to be spreading virus on Windows computers, if Mac or Linux are effected is not confirmed yet. The version which is effected in Java 7 , as Mac”s Java version is updated by Apple that version is not yet known to be effected. But as Java 7 has been made available for Mac OS X by Oracle , if user has updated to the new version, they are at risk.

Its is wise to keep Java disabled for the time, till patches are being applied.


Go to http://isjavaexploitable.com/ to check if you Java is vulnerable to exploit.