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Censorship of mobile messaging apps

While the worldwide popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp gets End-to-End encryption another popular app WeChat  in China gets system level censorship.


Well China is known for censorship in internet an mobile and this is not something new but you will be amazed how a simple image gets blocked while you are trying to send it via WeChat, be it you are in China or some other country. And you will be surprised to know that the picture in question is only a cover photo of two famous magazines Economist and Time.

Source: GlobalNews

Beer best served with iPhone

Recently a huge number of iPhones were being smuggled in China using beer bottles. A  woman was trying to cross the Sha Tau Kok border travelling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, with large number of empty bottles of beer, when the custom officer went to inspect them, the bottle seemed heavier then filled beer bottles which raised suspicion. The Chinese Police is yet to confirm the number of iPhones and how did the woman planned to sell all those iPhones.