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Apple App Store’s First Malware.

Apple’s App Store is known to be very rigorusly check every app before it makes to the App Store. But the Worlds First App that contain trojan confirmed by Kaspersky made it to Apple’s App Store, it steals users phonebook and uploads it to remote server, without users permission.iOS users dont need to worry the app has been removed from the store by Apple. The name of the app is “Find and Call”.


The same app also made it to Google Play Store , but now Google has removed it. This kind of apps are generally made to get large number of phone numbers for massive SMS scams.


Kaspersky says

“… the application steals data from the device (phone book and cellphone numbers) which are uploaded to a remote server to be used for SMS spam campaigns. Each phone book entry will receive SMS spam message offering to click on the URL and download this ‘Find and Call’ application. It is worth mentioning that the ‘from’ field contains the user’s cellphone number. In other words, people will receive an SMS spam message from a trusted source.”


World First Malware App that made it to Apple App Store