HTC One Meet-Up Kolkata (India) Live Blog.

Today there is a event hosted by HTC at Hyatt Regency Kolkata, I am very much thankful to HTC for sending me the invite for HTC One Meet-up.

I will be live blogging the event. And post event I will give a details write up about the HTC One phone (that’s if I get a chance to get my hands on the device, HTC are you¬†listening) ūüôā


Event ended. Thank You #HTC ¬†Bye everyone ūüôā


Got the Bluetooth headphone by HTC Thank You HTC I love you #HTC #HTCOne


Giving away gifts… I want one pls #HTC


Got hands on the device . HTC One looks great.


Will get the device in hand now ūüôā #HTCOne


Demo time.


Video promo of #HTCOne playing.


#HTCOne will be available in April 2013


#HTCOne has #Sense5  , a completely new engine.


#HTCOne available in White and Black.


Color looks good on screen from all angle.


#HTCOne screen has Full 1080p,4.7″ 468PPi better then iPhone Retina Display.


#HTCOne is 10% smaller then the previous #HTCOneX yet packs more.


The full metal body of #HTCOne is the result of a dedicated team that worked in it.


record better sound in ur videos with #HTCOne


#SenceVoice on #HTCOne after all phone is made for talking. gets your clear voice over call in noisy place.


Find lyrics, artist photo and album art automatically on #HTCOne


Dual front stereo speaker. #HTCOne


Over 100 upgrades in the camera of #HTCOne


RIP Megapixel, Long live #HTC UltraPixel Camera


MegaPixel does not make a better camera, true. I like #HTC thinks like I do.


#HTC said we ask the great question in the whole Asia. Good job India. ūüôā


#HTCShare share photos online. Your friends can see it from phone or desktop.


Get perfect group shot.


Show photos with ur friends in a easy way, combine photos in 30 sec video with transition effects, music, etc automatically. #HTCZoe ##HTCOne


Pictures comes alive in #HTCOne with New Gallery Experience.


Now showing difference in photo quality between iPhone5 , Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTCOne


Net Generation Camera #HTCOne


#BlinkFeed is different from Flipboard and other apps. #HTC


#BlinkFeed will also has local contents, regional based.


#BlinkFeed lets you not only see news and articles from web or social updates. But also post in ur social netwrok like Facebook. #HTCOne


#BlinkFeed the #HTC new mobile interface.


Saying about how HTC innovates. User Interface on Smartphone , etc.


Justin saying about the product.


The event started.


The official news is it will “start in 5 mins” … lets home it starts.


Still not started it was supposed to start at 3PM…so the event¬†organizers¬†is not as fact as #HTC phones, i suppose.


Waiting….. #HTCOneMeetUp to start.


its 3:01PM still not started. Will keep you guys informed as soon as it starts.


Ok so its 3PM , the event is yet to start.


Ok, so its only 10 mins left by I am super excite. can’t wait.


The event will start at 3PM according to the official and the invite email.


I have reached the Hyatt for the HTC One Meet-up in Kolkata. Done with registration.The event is yet to start.


FBI raids teenagers house over Xbox secrets.

A teenage from Perth who is popular in Twitter by the name SuperDaE was raided by the FBI and WA Police and his possessions were seized. as a part of investigation in international corporate espionage probe.


SuperDE posted sensitive information about Microsoft’s yet to be released Xbox. He¬†also posted an online advertisement offering to sell a development kit for Durango ‚ÄĒ Microsoft‚Äôs new Xbox design.

To follow more updates about the incident follow the hashtag #FreeSuperDaE on Twitter.

Software update gone wrong,International Space Station got lost later found.

Software updates can sometimes be tricky. There is always a chance of having issues like your old phone may not support the updated version of your favourite app, or your old computer gets sluggish with the new update of operating system. But things can get more worse than this. Recently a software update caused to lose communication with International Space Station of NASA.

“Flight controllers were in the process of updating the station‚Äôs command and control software and were transitioning from the primary computer to the backup computer to complete the software aquarius weekly horoscopeaquarius weekly horoscope : This is a marvelous match. load when the loss of communication occurred.” -NASA

Luckily station at Houston, Texas, were able to get in touch with the ISS via Russian ground stations.

International Space Station
International Space Station

And if you dont know anything about ISS or the International Space Station. Here are some basic facts for you.

The International Space Station is a habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit.

Orbit height: 230 miles (370 km)
Speed on orbit: 4.791 miles/s (7.71 km/s)
Launch date: November 20, 1998
Cost: 150 billion USD

To now more about the incident click on the source link.

Source: NASA

Microsoft Office 2013 won’t let you transfer license to new computer.

If you are using Microsoft Office 2013, think twice before upgrading or changing your computer as the license of Office 2013 is tied to the computer it was installed on. The license can not be¬†transferred¬†to a new computer. However the Office 2013 can be installed on the same computer more than once¬†in case¬†the software crashes. But what if the original computer you installed the Office 2013 crashes, gets destroyed, gets stolen ? Well Microsoft said “No Comments”

office 2013


I think its time people start moving away from Microsoft Office products as there are many better alternates available on the market and at a lower price point, low as zero. You can use LibreOffice on your computer you can view , edit, create doc,docx, xxls, xslx, ppt, pptx with it and also create word to pdf at zero cost. Or if you always have a internet connection then you can try the Google Docs too.

I wonder how much the sale will impact if you can not trasnfer the license from one computer to another even if you have paid for the software. Microsoft Office 2013 is just begging to be pirated.

Do leave your comments and share your views, what do you think about this move by Microsoft? Would you still buy Microsoft Office 2013 , or look for alternatives?

Facebook Hacked.

Laptops belonging to Facebook employees were hacked as they were infected with malware. The attack took advantage of Java 0-day exploit.

Although Facebook says that no user data has been compromised, I wonder how good the company can protect the user’s data if they cant protect their own data. (laptop) ?

FB LOGO_ahitagni-dot-com


The company said it has reported the vulnerability to Oracle, which then patched the Java bug on Feb 1st.

Facebook made the following statement.

“Facebook Security has a team dedicated to tracking threats and monitoring our infrastructure for attacks at all times. In this particular instance, we flagged a suspicious domain in our corporate DNS logs and tracked it back to an employee laptop. Upon conducting a forensic examination of that laptop, we identified a malicious file, and then searched company-wide and flagged several other compromised employee laptops,” the company’s security team said in a blog post.

“After analyzing the compromised website where the attack originated, we found it was using a “zero-day” (previously unseen) exploit to bypass the Java sandbox (built-in protections) to install the malware. We immediately reported the exploit to Oracle, and they confirmed our findings and provided a patch on February 1, 2013, that addresses this vulnerability.”
The kind of attack that Facebook’s security team described is a very common scenario. Attackers regularly compromise legitimate Web sites, plant exploit code on them that targets a specific vulnerability or group of vulnerabilities and then wait for users to hit the site with vulnerable browsers. They often run these attacks with exploit kits such as Blackhole or Eleonore and typically use exploits for known vulnerabilities rather than zero days, which are much more valuable to attackers. Once a zero day is used and then discovered, as in the Facebook attack, it loses most of its value to attackers, so they tend to be selective in their use of them.
An exploit that is able to bypass the Java sandbox would be especially valuable to an attacker, given the huge installed base of Java. There have been several such exploits circulating in recent weeks, but it’s not clear which one Facebook security personnel discovered on their network.
Facebook officials were not specific about what other companies they believe were also victims of this attack, but said that once the company discovered the malware and traced it back to the originating domain, it began sharing data about the attack with other companies.
“Facebook was not alone in this attack. It is clear that others were attacked and infiltrated recently as well. As one of the first companies to discover this malware, we immediately took steps to start sharing details about the infiltration with the other companies and entities that were affected. We plan to continue collaborating on this incident through an informal working group and other means,”

Do leave your valuable comments, would love to know what do you think ? Do you really think Facebook can protect your data ?

Source: Facebook Security Page.

iOS 6.1 bug enables attacker to bypass Passcode Lock to access your phonebook.

If you have an iPhone I would ask you not to update to iOS 6.1 if you¬†haven”t¬†done it already. And if you have already updated it, the I would suggest don”t let your iPhone out of your sight as a new bug has been found that helps attacker to bypass the Passcode Lock and access your Contacts.


Here is how to bypass the iPhone lock screen and access the Contacts on iOS 6.1

1. Lock device
2. Slide to unlock
3. Tap emergency call
4. Hold sleep button until the power down prompt shows. Click cancel, you will notice the status bar turn blue. Type in 911 casino online or your emergency number and click call then cancel it asap so the call dosen’t go through.
5. Lock your device with the sleep button then turn it on using the home button.
6. Slide to unlock then hold the sleep button and in 3 seconds tap emergency call. This will spazz out the phone and cause it to open.

[Make sure to continuously hold the sleep button until you are done looking in the phone]


 Update 1:

This bug only works with “simple passcode” option is enabled. It does not work if you disable “simple passcode” option. Thanx to ¬†@andrewbway for sharing this info

Happy Valentines Day, Romance in Video Games

As today is Valentines Day I would love to share few of my favorite romance sequence from video games.

8 bit heart

Prince of Persia (the original version that came out first on Apple II in 1989)

The story was you play as a the Prince and you kill the bad guy¬†Jaffar, save the beautiful Princess and marry her. That’s what I call a perfect romantic story.

Here is a video of the game just in case you are too young to know which version of  Prince of Persia , I am talking about.


Super Mario Bros. (released in the year 1985, first released on NES)

You see I am a very good guy as the major part of my childhood was spend saving Mario’s girlfriend. How many people saves other persons girlfriend now a days?

Joking apart perhaps the game Super Mario Bros was one of the most famous game in the history of gaming.  The game play was simple you play as the character Mario and you go from one castle to another castle overcoming obstacles and killing enemies in your path and save the Princess Peach.