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iOS 6.1 bug enables attacker to bypass Passcode Lock to access your phonebook.

If you have an iPhone I would ask you not to update to iOS 6.1 if you haven”t done it already. And if you have already updated it, the I would suggest don”t let your iPhone out of your sight as a new bug has been found that helps attacker to bypass the Passcode Lock and access your Contacts.


Here is how to bypass the iPhone lock screen and access the Contacts on iOS 6.1

1. Lock device
2. Slide to unlock
3. Tap emergency call
4. Hold sleep button until the power down prompt shows. Click cancel, you will notice the status bar turn blue. Type in 911 casino online or your emergency number and click call then cancel it asap so the call dosen’t go through.
5. Lock your device with the sleep button then turn it on using the home button.
6. Slide to unlock then hold the sleep button and in 3 seconds tap emergency call. This will spazz out the phone and cause it to open.

[Make sure to continuously hold the sleep button until you are done looking in the phone]


 Update 1:

This bug only works with “simple passcode” option is enabled. It does not work if you disable “simple passcode” option. Thanx to  @andrewbway for sharing this info

Apple updates its KB article, adds info about Jailbreaking.

If you have been a power user of Apple products you know that Apple has a KB article  or KnowledgeBase for all its products and features,etc on a site Recently there has been a new addition to the KnowledgeBase, its Jailbreaking. No if you are thinking that you will find article on how to Jailbreak you are wrong. The KB article says what negative issue you will have if you Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.



You can read it here.

TIME magazine names iPhone 5 as Gadget Of The Year.

Recently The TIME magazine named iPhone 5 as “The Gadget Of The Year”




Here is the list of online casino Top 10 Gadgets of the year.

The Top 10 Gadgets:
● iPhone 5
● Nintendo Wii U
● Sony Cyber-shot RX100
● Raspberry Pi Model B
● Lytro
● Apple 15” MacBook Pro with Retina Display
● Microsoft Surface with Windows RT
● Samsung Galaxy Note II
● Nest
● Simple.TV

Source: TIME

Man illegally access AT&T servers by impersonating as iPad.

A 27 year old man, named Andrew Auernheimer, known online as “Weev” has been convicted on Tuesday ( 11/20/2012) for accessing AT&T  server by impersonating as iPad to steal 114,000 email addresses which includes emails of some of the celebrities.He faces 10 year of imprisonment.



The data breach was originally from the first 3G enabled iPad launched in April, 2010. Andrew Auernheimer and Daniel Spitler, aka “JacksonBrowne” discovered a flaw that prefilled in a user’s email address when the site was loaded from the iPad , from AT&T’s server. The iPad encoded with a unique cellular ID number (ICC ID) that appeared in the URL when accessing the AT&T website. Andrew and Daniel said to be part of a group called Goatse Security, who discovered if someone altered the ICC ID numbers in the URL, other email addresses were generated on the AT&T site. Daniel wrote a script that automatically guessed the different ICC ID and harvested the 114,000 email addresses.

It’s still unknown if the flaw has been fixed yet by the authorities.

Remembering Steve Jobs.

Today 5th October 2012 , marks one year death anniversary of Steve Jobs. I would like to share a few rare photos and quote from the man himself, to remember the man who made a dent in the universe.




I am sure you all have seen the photo on the left but not the one in the right.



All of you have seen casino online Steve Jobs with Apple product in his hand. But you have never seen him with a bottle of beer in his hand, so here it is.


Young Steve Jobs


1 Million UDID leaks were not stolen from FBI.

Earlier there was a leak that said the 1 million Apple device UDID were stolen from FBI, is now found to be not true.

Its been now said that the leak was from a different source. It was a App developing company named BlueToad. They also gave official statement that says 98% of leaked data matched with their stored data. Apple also made a statement regarding this matter.

Apple commented on this matter to NBC as well:

As an app developer, BlueToad would have access to a user’s device information such as UDID, device name and type,” Apple spokeswoman Trudy Mullter told NBC News on Monday. “Developers do not have access to users’ account information, passwords or credit card information, unless a user specifically elects to provide that information to the developer.

And here is the full statement made by BlueToad.

A little more than a week ago, BlueToad was the victim of a criminal cyber attack, which resulted in the theft of Apple UDIDs from our systems. Shortly thereafter, an unknown group posted these UDIDs on the Internet.

At BlueToad, we understand the importance of protecting the safety and security of information contained on our systems.

Although we successfully defend against thousands of cyber attacks each day, this determined criminal attack ultimately resulted in a breach to a portion of our systems.

When we discovered that we were the likely source of the information in question, we immediately reached out to law enforcement to inform them and to cooperate with their ongoing criminal investigation of the parties responsible for the criminal attack and the posting of the stolen information.

We have fixed the vulnerability and are working around the clock to ensure that a security breach doesn’t happen again. In doing so, we have engaged an independent and nationally-recognized security assurance company to assist in our ongoing efforts.

We sincerely apologize to our partners, clients, publishers, employees and users of our apps. We take information security very seriously and have great respect and appreciation for the public’s concern surrounding app and information privacy.

BlueToad does not collect, nor have we ever collected, highly sensitive personal information like credit cards, social security numbers or medical information. The illegally obtained information primarily consisted of Apple device names and UDIDs – information that was reported and stored pursuant to commercial industry development practices.

Upon Apple’s recommendation several months ago, we modified our code base to discontinue the practice of reporting UDIDs. We have now also discontinued storing any UDID information sent to our servers by apps that have not yet been updated to the new code base.

We understand and respect the privacy concerns surrounding the data that was stolen from our system. BlueToad believes the risk that the stolen data can be used to harm app users is very low. But that certainly doesn’t lessen our resolve to ensure that all data is protected and kept from those who seek to illegally obtain it.

We will continue to monitor this situation and cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation of the parties responsible for this crime.

Personally I have found that before BlueToad made a statement, the company was made aware of the leak by a security researcher named David Schuetz on the blog post.

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