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SMSZombie Malware hits Android in China.

A new Android malware infected 500,000 Android mobiles in China.Its a stubborn and hard to remove malware, which exploits the mobile payment system of China Mobile. Android users outside China need not worry about it.The main task that this Android malware does is to grant unauthorised payment to premium services.

I am also posting how to remove SMSZombie malware from your Android device.
Note: If while doing this steps the device brings you back to Home Screen, press hold device Home Button to bring up the list of open apps and select Settings.

For devices running Android 2.X

Go to System Settings >> Location and dgfev online casino Security >> Select Device Administrators

Remove “Android System Service” as device administrator

Select Uninstall Again

Follow the screenshots


For devices running Android 3.x and Android 4.X

Go to System Settings >> Security >> Select Device Administrators

Remove “Android System Service” as device administrator

Go to System Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications >> Android System Service

Choose “Uninstall”

Tap Uninstall Again

A new Android Malware posing as Flash for Android

Android has been a target for malware by cyber criminals for a long time, and it has been a trend to pose the malware containing app in form of a genuine and popular app, we have seen earlier that malicious apps were distributed in name of popular apps like Angry Birds , Cut the Rope, etc. Now the new malware is spreading in the official Android Market in the name of Adobe Flash Player! An innocent user online pokies may download it thinking its a real flash player.

But if we look closely it will be clear that its not the real one.Firstly the hosting website of the online casino app is on a Russian domain. (Adobe is an American company its main domain is a registered in US).Secondly it says that its supported by “all” Android versions rather then mentioning in details which version are supported, this is done to convince the user to download the fake app. And last but not the least if one notices carefully when you try to download the app it redirects to a different URL.

The fake Android app “Canvas Flash Player for Android” apk file contains ANDROIDOS_BOXER.A and it send out premium SMS without the users permission.

Carrier IQ – Your mobile operator secretly collects your personal data.

Recently it has been found that mobile operators(mostly US operators) are installing an app  called Carrier IQ that collects user data without any sort of approval and there is no way to force quit the application. Its been found in Android platforms mainly although its being told that BlackBerry and iPhones also have this app pre installed. The app that is installed htmlTo help you select a driving school that is suited for you, we have prepared some questions you may use to help you in your selection. in the Android platform was found out by a security researcher which he showed in this YouTube video.It clearly shows what it collects, the key press, sms,URLs that you visit from the cell phone browser (even when you are using it in wifi only mode)


Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Google released its latest version of mobile operating system, Android 4.0 named “Ice Cream Sandwich” along with its new Google branded phone Galaxy Nexus  in association with Samsung. It got many new features and updates from the previous online casinos versions like:

Face Unlock

Robot Font

Magazine style views

New Picture sharing style

Better Multitasking

Control over data usages.

and more…

check the video by Google to know more will post the walkthrough video later.


Android can keep a track on you too.

The hidden Devil.

Just before you recover from the shock of iOS tracking your location, and planning to move on to a more secure Android device (as it uses Linux and its supposed to be more secure, or coz the US Army now use it as standard issued smartphone.) You may be surprised to know that the cute little green Android also likes to keep your track and also likes the saved file to send it to Google(Come on Google, you already know everything, no one will make fun of you if you don’t know where your Android users currently are) It has been found out by some researchers that in Android 2.3 files cache.cell and cache.wifi located at /data/data/ which stores the locations of your movements.

So, you think Google is a nice guy and they won’t do any mischief with all your tracks on your every move? Well imagine this, Google’s server gets hacked and a mischievous hackers steals all the location data? Your Android is already synced with your Gmail account so the hacker also has a basic idea of who you are, and now he also knows where you are, and its only left to his evil imagination what trouble he can cause. You may also think, what?? No one can hack Google they are very good. Then think this it is very much possible that someone may steal your Android device, so that person not only steals your phone but that person also gets to know where you have been last night? You may think that you have never been to any places that you would hide from other person from knowing. Then think this the thief may analyze the location data of your’s and determine where you live (by noting where the phone usually stays at night) and it will also be easy to find out when do you stay out from your house most of the time. Then something more valuable than your phone might be stolen. Well possibilities are endless some people are saying that it’s nothing to panic about, but I feel it has got everything to panic about.

Personally I am worried about God knows what other devices are tracking our movies WP7? Bada? Who knows may be someday we will see headlines like “Your old monochrome handset has been tracking your moves since your teenage days!”

As usual do share your thoughts in comments.

Source: The Wall Street Journal.

Android Security.

Good App vs Bad App

Mobile phone has become a part of our life rather a part of our body! weather its Facebook, Twitter, IM , or banking  are done by mobile now a days. And day by day mobile are becoming sophisticated as your computers and thus becoming a new window for hackers to make your digital life turn to hell. But there are some security mesures that can be taken to keep your digital life secured. The most popular mobile next to iPhone is Android, we will see what are the recent security issues related to Android and what can be done to protect yourself from such threats.

Android OS has its own security permissions for each of the applications installed in the handset. While you are installing the application from the older version of Android store you are shown with a screen where you select the security preferences of the application, like if you want that application to access your data,or send sms or connect to internet. But recently Android has made a new web based app market where you install apps OTA. In this type of installation we dont see the security preferences options while we are installing the app, most of the users don”t know that there exists such a option, making it more vulnerable to security issues. Recently antivirus giant McAfee has said that there is a rise of mobile virus and mallwares by 46% as most of the people today goes online from mobile rather then from a PC. They also said that the two most attacked mobile OS are Nokia Symbian and Google Android. Generally the iOS platform is considered secured for consumers as the Apple App Store is a closed one (considering you are average user who have not jailbreak your device) and RIM BlackBerry OS is also considered to be safe as its target audience is corporate and business men.

So the very obvious question that comes to your mind is what should general users do to help protect their Android devices?

Follow these simple rules to prevent your Android from getting hacked.

  1. Don”t “Root” your device unless you know what you are doing.
  2. Never get attracted to apps which says “free wallpapers”, “free screensavers”, “free ringtones” most virus and mallware use this kind of apps to disguise them from unsuspecting users. Think for a whle why u need to download an “app” to get u wallpapers? u can use a image to set as your wallpaper. there are millions of sites offering you wallpapers (usual format if jpg) and ringtones (usual format is mp3) to help you personalize your phone. I am not saying all the apps which offers free wallpapers and ringtones are bad, but i am saying that when it gets difficult to choose the right from wrong then go for a safer alternative.
  3. How to know from a good app from a bad app? There are many fake apps in the Android Market. You need to be very careful while you select which app to install. Some of the popular iPhone apps which generally don”t have Android version can also be found on Android Market obviously they are fake. Recently “Cut the rope” a popular iPhone game had not one but many fake apps Christie also seeks a lift in financial support “for other advantageous reasons that best casino gaming was initially approved. on Android Market. To find out a good app from a bad app is not that really hard. Say you want to download one app, a particular app which you have seen in someones else phone or read about or heard about it somewhere. You search for it in App Market and found more than one result! So what do you do? unless you know the name of the original company which you can find out by searching for it in Google. You should read the reviews generally apps which get most reviews and starts is the good app.
  4. Setting the security preferences and understanding them.While setting the security preferences you should know and understand what does it really means and does before clicking all “Accept” and “Yes” and “Next” which you see on the screen [like you do while installing software on Windows PC 🙂 ] Some of the basic security preferences are granting access to your data, you should think before granting this access. what will a game do by access your data? well a media player may access your data the media which it will play is stored on your phone so it may require to access it. But a game will never need to access your data. Again nor any media player or game needs to be given permission to send sms or text, it may happen that one application  may send some premium text which adds to your phone bill and drain your money from your pocket. And you should be really careful while granting access to use internet,GPRS,EDGE,3G or whatever data communication method available in your phone model. As it has been recently seen that an app can transmit all your personal information to someone who is sitting across the globe without your knowledge.

The Android Story

Recently there has been much trouble for the Android as Oracle sued Google for copyright infringement, as it was found that as much as 43 source files were copied from J2SE to code the Android platform. But Google responded it with many valid points. It is not justified for Oracle to sue Google as because of

  • Sun open-sourced J2SE under the GPL license in the year 2006 and 2007 and it did not had any patent or copyright along with its code.
  • For Android Google had used a subset of Apache Harmony Java implementation.
  • For demonstrating compatibility with the Java specification the only way is to use Sun’s Technology Compatibility Kit, or TCK, and there has been internal strife about the license for the Java TCK, or JCK, for a long time among Sun / Oracle and Apache.
  • The one and only license offered by Sun t Apache is “field of use” which restricts the use in mobile platform only.

Is it that because Android has become so much popular and grown in business the real reason for Oracle to sue it? I did not find any valid reason on which ground did Oracle took such a step.

Read the Full response by Google to the lawsuit, the original document is attached, and decide for yourself. Do comment tour thoughts.

Google answer to Oracle’s lawsuit