Happy 31st Birthday to Computer Virus.

Elk Cloner

31 years ago the first computer virus was created today. It was a 400 lines of code on an Apple II machine, yes you read it correct Apple not Windows (or MS-DOS). The first virus for PC (personal computer) was on an Apple computer, in the year 1982. It was written by a then 15 year old kid Richard Skrenta on 1981 as a prank on his friends. The name of the virus was “Elk Cloner”

Richard Skrenta
Richard Skrenta with his Apple II computer.

So what did the first virus do to the computers? The virus was basically harmless, it did not delete or corrupt your data, nor did it steal your credentials. What it did was that on ever 50th boot of the computer it would show a message.

“Elk Cloner: The program with a personality


It will get on all your disks

It will infiltrate your chips

Yes, it’s Cloner!


It will stick to you like glue

It will modify RAM too


Send in the Cloner!

Note the first ever computer for MS-DOS machine came on January 1986, named Brain.

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