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Recently there has been much trouble for the Android as Oracle sued Google for copyright infringement, as it was found that as much as 43 source files were copied from J2SE to code the Android platform. But Google responded it with many valid points. It is not justified for Oracle to sue Google as because of

  • Sun open-sourced J2SE under the GPL license in the year 2006 and 2007 and it did not had any patent or copyright along with its code.
  • For Android Google had used a subset of Apache Harmony Java implementation.
  • For demonstrating compatibility with the Java specification the only way is to use Sun’s Technology Compatibility Kit, or TCK, and there has been internal strife about the license for the Java TCK, or JCK, for a long time among Sun / Oracle and Apache.
  • The one and only license offered by Sun t Apache is “field of use” which restricts the use in mobile platform only.

Is it that because Android has become so much popular and grown in business the real reason for Oracle to sue it? I did not find any valid reason on which ground did Oracle took such a step.

Read the Full response by Google to the lawsuit, the original document is attached, and decide for yourself. Do comment tour thoughts.

Google answer to Oracle’s lawsuit

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