NO Freedom, India Government plans to censor the Internet.

Indian Government has decided to censor the Internet. They will be monitoring your Facebook , Twitter, YouTube Videos and blog posts. And they will remove anything that they find objectionable. I wonder what will they find objectionable ? As far as my knowledge goes you are not allowed to post any objectionable contain on social network by the social networking company itself, and if you post your contain will be removed by the concerned social network. I am sure you have seen YouTube videos being pulled down by YouTube as it was objectionable, no Government of any country had to ask YouTube or Google to do so, they did it themselves.

So, what is our Government trying to block? And what will they think as objectionable? If some activist opens a Facebook Page and share contents about the injustice done by Government bodies, or perhaps a blog post asking for justice about some on going case, or may be a tweet where a person share his/her thoughts about some Government policies.

internet censorship

Who knows what Government will be planning to do next? May be they will create a nation on ban on social media. (Yes Government can do that , they can ask all the ISP in the country to block specific sites and all the ISP will have to follow) Some of you guys may think that wont be a problem as you will use proxy or VPN but Government can block that too. If you don,t believe check this how China blocks VPN.

I have always thought that Internet as Freedom, as this is the only medium where people can share their views with other people and exchange views, to me freedom on the internet is freedom of speech and expression. But I don’t think that we will be able to do so in the coming days if the Government goes on censoring. May be this post will be censored too, so share this post and comment your views before it happens.


Source: Hindustan Times newspaper

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