LaCie gives us the new 10TB and 20TB Thunderbolt and NAS Products. CES 2013

In CES 2013 LaCie reveals an interesting product a 10TB and 20TB external RAID box connected via Thunderbolt.It includes 5  drives with a multiple RAD options.The cost is $2,199 in 20TB configuration, and $1,199 for the 10TB version.

LaCie also introduced the 5big NAS Pro, a gigabit ethernet equipped network storage box available in multiple capacities: 0TB (diskless) for $529, 10TB for $1,199, and 20TB for $2,199.


Thunderbolt Drive

“Today LaCie announced the 5big NAS Pro, its latest high-performance 5-bay network-attached storage solution powered by Intel®. Thanks to hybrid cloud technology, the LaCie 5big NAS Pro lets employees collaborate easily using a single interface for both network/cloud storage and remote access. Plus, data stays secure thanks to novice-friendly SimplyRAID and client-side cloud encryption.

With transfer speeds up to 200MB/s*, the LaCie 5big NAS Pro boosts business productivity. Powered by a dual-core 2.13GHz Intel 64-bit Atom™ processor and 4GB RAM, it also features dual LAN and link aggregation for optimized network speeds. This performance-driven combination accelerates file sharing, remote access, and backups for small businesses.”

Source: LaCie

Image Credit: @LaCieTech LaCie on Twitter


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