Android can keep a track on you too.

The hidden Devil.

Just before you recover from the shock of iOS tracking your location, and planning to move on to a more secure Android device (as it uses Linux and its supposed to be more secure, or coz the US Army now use it as standard issued smartphone.) You may be surprised to know that the cute little green Android also likes to keep your track and also likes the saved file to send it to Google(Come on Google, you already know everything, no one will make fun of you if you don’t know where your Android users currently are) It has been found out by some researchers that in Android 2.3 files cache.cell and cache.wifi located at /data/data/ which stores the locations of your movements.

So, you think Google is a nice guy and they won’t do any mischief with all your tracks on your every move? Well imagine this, Google’s server gets hacked and a mischievous hackers steals all the location data? Your Android is already synced with your Gmail account so the hacker also has a basic idea of who you are, and now he also knows where you are, and its only left to his evil imagination what trouble he can cause. You may also think, what?? No one can hack Google they are very good. Then think this it is very much possible that someone may steal your Android device, so that person not only steals your phone but that person also gets to know where you have been last night? You may think that you have never been to any places that you would hide from other person from knowing. Then think this the thief may analyze the location data of your’s and determine where you live (by noting where the phone usually stays at night) and it will also be easy to find out when do you stay out from your house most of the time. Then something more valuable than your phone might be stolen. Well possibilities are endless some people are saying that it’s nothing to panic about, but I feel it has got everything to panic about.

Personally I am worried about God knows what other devices are tracking our movies WP7? Bada? Who knows may be someday we will see headlines like “Your old monochrome handset has been tracking your moves since your teenage days!”

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Source: The Wall Street Journal.

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