Apple has its i on You.

iOS4 tracks and record your every movement.

It has been proved by two UK researchers that,iPhone running iOS4 tracks and records your movement. iOS4 stores a db (database file) in both iPhone and the computer that you use to sync your iPhone with.and this file consolidated.db is an unencrypted file, that means you can read this file easily. The file location on a Mac is /Users/<your user name>/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backups/ on Windows it may be somewhere C:Documents and SettingsUserNameApplication DataApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup (note: i can not tell for sure as i don’t have an iPhone) They also made an software to plot the locations in a map. But alas this desktop app is only for Mac. If you are a lucky Mac user get the desktop app from here.


So why does Apple stores the file? People are saying its for the new background location service introduced in iOS4 but if that is the case why the file is just stored there, in unprotected file? I can see next Hollywood flicks including this in their story, may be the evil guy using this to track the lead actress of the movie? what are your thoughts about this? And if any windows user have an iPhone running iOS4 please confirm the file location.And any one with iPad (3G version which got GPS) can confirm does that device too stores this location data?

Source: iPhoneTracker

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