Skype reveals your IP to the hackers.

A latest security hole in the world’s most popular VOIP software Skype has raised a lot of security issue. Apparently Skype reveals your IP address and as we know that is like an address of your computer on the internet. So hackers can harm you with this information.

And the interesting part is that the vulnerability is being shared by a person on some ppopular file sharing website. A quote from that person on the file sharing website “This is help you to get info about skype user: City, Country, Internet provider and internal user ip-address … Now you can troll him about CIA and Mossad, he-he. ”

For the vulnerability to work the victim needs to be online. Skype is yet to make any comment on the topic, personally what I can suggest is that to protect the computers IP, is you can use VPN to cloak the original IP of the computer.

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