Apple the most vulnerable software company of 2012

Apple software is generally considered to be more secure by many people, but the time has changed. After the recent Flashback Trojan , a new data has been out that shows Apple is one of the top ten software company in vulnerabilities of 2012 (the data is for first 3 months of the year)
  • Apple — 91 vulnerabilities
  • Oracle — 78 vulnerabilities
  • Google — 73 vulnerabilities
  • Microsoft — 43 vulnerabilities
  • IBM — 42 vulnerabilities
  • Cisco — 36 vulnerabilities
  • Mozilla — 30 vulnerabilities
  • MySQL — 28 vulnerabilities
  • Adobe — 27 vulnerabilities
  • Apache — 24 vulnerabilities
Data released by Trend Micro
However it is interesting to see that on the mobile OS Apple iOS is very much secure than its rival Google’s Android. May be its because of Apple’s closed App ecosystem. And the fact that more number of mobile internet traffic is from Android platform, which encourages the black hats to target the Android platform.
Source: MacWorld

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