Happy 27th Birthday Apple Mac.

January 24th, 1984 was the day when the world’s most loved computer Mac was reveled by its father Mr Steve Jobs. The first Mac or Macintosh the first ever personal computer to run Apple’s OS was reveled to a crowd of 3000 people! (I wonder how much people r there in current Apple launch day program when Steve address) The operating system which it used to run was not Mac OS X it was called System 1.0. The hardware consisted of 9″ greyscale monitor, 8Mhz Processor, 128KB DRAM, 16bit Bus.

Did any one back then imagined that Mac will be the choice of computer for all the people
who are into graphics design, move editing, animation ?Well at that point of time it was
really a breakthrough in computing world.
All I want to say is Happy Birthday Baby You have come long way.

Here is the video of the event, view it and i am sure u will find striking resemblance with the very recent videos of Steve Jobs when you saw him reveling the iPhone or iPad.


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