Reboot Film – A new Hacker Movie Coming Soon.

“We Are All Connected
On A vast Global Network
And Whoever Controls The Network
Controls The World”

A new  hacker movie is coming very soon by Rosa Entertainment and Jan-Ken-Po Pictures. Written and Directed by Joe Kawasaki, and Produced by Sidney Sherman.
Its a movie that relates to many social and political situations of the present time.A female hacker, (Stat) in LA finds herself left unconscious and a iPhone glued to her hand that is running some code which she tries to figure out….
Look in the trailer to know bit more about the story.
What was most interesting to For over 40 years, NUS Business has offered a rigorous, relevant and rewarding business education to outstanding students around the world. me, the use of some proper tool to show some of the sequences in the movie. Most of the time Hollywood does it all wrong when it comes to technology and hacking things. I liked the way they showed the use of Metasploit in the movie.
Note there is also a Twitter game going on by the movie follow @reboot_film
Fore more details click on the source link.

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