A Way Out – Review and Gameplay.

A Way Out

You all must have seen or heard about a new game called A Way Out, ┬áthe best thing is that its a CO-OP only game that means you need a buddy to play along and the game can’t be played alone. Your friend may be sitting right beside you and and playing with a second controller or he may be on the other side of planet and playing with you online.


The good thing is unlike all other games you don’t need to purchase two copies of the game! Only one copy needs to be purchased and the other friend can download the Full Trail Version for free and play along with you.┬áThe story revolves around Leo and Vincent from breaking prison and getting revenge on a common enemy.

You can invite your friend, your friends plays for free if you have purchased the copy.

The screens become in split screen and you can see both Vincent and Leo’s movement regardless you play in local or online.

Leo on Right side and Vincent on Left.


Screen split into three Leo, Vincent and the attacker chasing them.


The best part of the game is that it reminds me about the games which I used to play as a kid, long days before internet enabled multiplayer games. When multiplayer meant Player 1 and Player 2.

Here is a video of the gameplay.


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