Mozilla shows no love for Linux.

Mozilla is supposed to bring a web app store but even if Mozilla is known for its open source work, initially the web app store won’t support Linux.

What Mozilla had to say:

“Linux support for apps is a nice to have because most of our users are not running Linux,” Mozilla staffer Dan Mills wrote. “I think we’re supportive and absolutely willing to accept patches to make something work on Linux, but it’s just not something that affects the 80% (I don’t think it’s even 10%, though I don’t have any data handy). By definition, this is a nice to have, not a stop-ship feature. Remember that we are making software for a lot of people, and staff and community are actually a tiny slice of the userbase. I know it’s hard, but we need to focus on the userbase at large, not on us.”

That’s very disrespecting from a company that’s known to support open source.

But not all Mozilla members think the same, luckily Mozilla community member Ruben Martin thinks on a different direction. He says “Linux is not another platform, it’s the platform which shares our values about being open and the reason most people gets involved with Mozilla, because they believe in libre software and in the open web. Not supporting Linux is not supporting a big group of people that empowers Mozilla, and not supporting them/us is not supporting Mozilla.”  




While a very disturbing comment made by Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler, “What we need most, I suspect, is available Linux coders, people who know Gnome, Unity, GTK, etc. to do the platform integration work. I don’t know who those people are. Looking around the sub-set of community members employed by Mozilla who could help on this, I don’t see any available resources or even any resources I would move from their current work to this work.”

It’s strange how with millions of dollar in their pocket Mozilla says that they don’t have enough Linux coders! Well if they really don’t have coders in Linux why they don’t take help from the vast number of Linux and Open Source community?

But not all the people who works in Mozilla have the same feelings about Linux. Mozilla CTO, Brendan Eich says “Indeed the whole apps, marketplace and web runtime plan is too large to do at one step, or even with platform parity at the first step. That does not mean we give up our cross-platform commitments.We support Linux as you say, because of our cross-platform principles first, and because of lead users in the Linux community and among our top Gecko hackers. There’s a nexus: B2G is based on Linux and Gecko, but of course without any Linux desktop (and without X-Windows. This is a good thing!).”

So Mozilla has started treating Linux as a third class citizens and Linux is no longer important to Mozilla its only Windows and Mac that gets all the love from Mozilla. So I think it’s time Linux distros starts moving from Firefox as default browsers , no one knows when they will stop sporting Firefox browser for Linux.

Abuse of Dropbox and spreading viruses through shared folders and public links.

Recently there is a new group of cybercriminals in Brazil that are spreading some virus using Dropbox. As I am a big fan of Dropbox , I thought that it would be nice to draw the attention and warn other fellow users.

Infected Dropbox link

The cybercriminals claiming that they got some leaked nude photos of the actress Carolina Dieckmann, in a Youtube video they showed a link shortened by Google URL shortner, that is actually a Dropbox referral link(free space). The victim has to signup to Dropbox and install it. Then the cybercriminal shares a shared folder where they claim to have the pictures, but actually here where they have stored the viruses. And in some cases they are also giving a public download link, from a file in their pubic folder.

We have seen earlier that this kind of files being shared on popular file sharing sites, but the abuse of such a nice service like Dropbox! I haven’t imagined. It’s my request to the dear Dropbox please make a check, at least to the link of public folders, if you want the infected files link which are stored in the attackers Dropbox I can provide it to you.

Note: According to my antivirus the virus was a variant of Win32/Spy.Banker.WXM trojan there may be other variants or different viruses too.

Wikipedia don’t have ads it’s your computer that has virus.

Advertisements on web are a most common thing now a day, but many don’t know the fact that some ads are a form of virus! Recently there were reports that people are seeing ads on the one of the largest website, Wikipedia. The site is known to share many valuable information at free of cost and the site is also known for not showing any ads. The site runs on donations and some time to time campaigns.

Wikipedia Infected with ads


Wikipedia also mentioned in their official blog that

We never run ads on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is funded by more than a million donors, who give an average donation of less than 30 dollars. We run fundraising appeals, usually at the end of the year. If you’re seeing advertisements for a for-profit industry (see screenshot for an example) or anything but our fundraiser, then your web browser has likely been infected with malware.

The ads which you see on Wikipedia are because your computer is virus infected. Its highly recommended that you get the latest update of antivirus and scan your computer.


A new Android Malware posing as Flash for Android

Android has been a target for malware by cyber criminals for a long time, and it has been a trend to pose the malware containing app in form of a genuine and popular app, we have seen earlier that malicious apps were distributed in name of popular apps like Angry Birds , Cut the Rope, etc. Now the new malware is spreading in the official Android Market in the name of Adobe Flash Player! An innocent user online pokies may download it thinking its a real flash player.

But if we look closely it will be clear that its not the real one.Firstly the hosting website of the online casino app is on a Russian domain. (Adobe is an American company its main domain is a registered in US).Secondly it says that its supported by “all” Android versions rather then mentioning in details which version are supported, this is done to convince the user to download the fake app. And last but not the least if one notices carefully when you try to download the app it redirects to a different URL.

The fake Android app “Canvas Flash Player for Android” apk file contains ANDROIDOS_BOXER.A and it send out premium SMS without the users permission.

Apple releases iOS 5.1.1 Software Update and fixes some security vulnerabilities.

Apple releases its latest iOS update the iOS 5.1.1 with some fixe and patches. The iOS 5.1.1 is supported in the following devices

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPad 2
  • iPad
  • iPod touch (4th generation)
  • iPod touch (3rd generation)

The updates include.

  • Improves reliability of using HDR option for photos taken using the Lock Screen shortcut
  • Addresses bugs that could prevent the new iPad from switching between 2G and 3G networks
  • Fixes bugs that affected AirPlay video playback in some circumstances
  • Improved reliability for syncing Safari bookmarks and Reading List
  • Fixes an issue where ‘Unable to purchase’ alert could be displayed after successful purchase

The security issues that were fixed in this release are :

  • Address bar spoofing.
  • Cross site scripting
  • Remote code execution.

Google collecting your personal information.

Yesterday European privacy regulator said that they will be reopening the investigation of Google collecting people’s personal information.


Google Street Car


Google Street View car use to connect to any unprotected wifi router that it could find and use to collect all kinds of information of the victim from user name, password, full text of emails, photos, videos, web search, music and movies streaming, etc. A total of 600 GB of personal data was collected.


Marius Milner


However Google claims that it was only one rouge engineer that caused al the problem, Marius Milner. This incident was first uncovered in Germany 2010, there were also a series of inquires in Europe.

Skype reveals your IP to the hackers.

A latest security hole in the world’s most popular VOIP software Skype has raised a lot of security issue. Apparently Skype reveals your IP address and as we know that is like an address of your computer on the internet. So hackers can harm you with this information.

And the interesting part is that the vulnerability is being shared by a person on some ppopular file sharing website. A quote from that person on the file sharing website “This is help you to get info about skype user: City, Country, Internet provider and internal user ip-address … Now you can troll him about CIA and Mossad, he-he. ”

For the vulnerability to work the victim needs to be online. Skype is yet to make any comment on the topic, personally what I can suggest is that to protect the computers IP, is you can use VPN to cloak the original IP of the computer.