Ethical Hacker of Facebook gets Jailed.

Glenn Mangham
Glenn Mangham


A 26 years old British student,Glenn Mangham, landed up behind the bars(duration of 8 months) for bypassing the security at Facebook. He breached the webserver at Facebook that maintained the Puzzles to software engineers who are willing to work for the company. Glenn gained the access of Facebook employee Stefan Parker, and then later used it to access Mailman server that is used to run internal and external email lists, and the Facebook Phabricator server used by internal developers.

Facebook had to spent US $200,000 (£126,400) for the outcome of the hack on  “concerted, time-consuming and costly investigation” by the FBI and British law enforcement.

Glenn’s response to the hack was

“It was to identify vulnerabilities in the system so I could compile a report for lack of a better word that I could then bundle off to Facebook and show them what was wrong with their systems.”

To which Judge Alistair McCreath said the following

“This was not just a bit of harmless experimentation – you accessed the very heart of the system of an international business of massive size.”

“This was not just fiddling about in the business records of some tiny business of no great importance and you acquired a great deal of sensitive and confidential information to which you were simply not entitled… Potentially what you did could have been utterly disastrous to Facebook.”

It is to be noted that previously Glenn was awarded by Yahoo for finding out the security loop holes of the company.

As mentioned by one of the Daily Mail report Glenn is believed to have  Asperger’s Sydrome,  which is very common to most of the famous hackers who have fought with the law enforcement.