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Apple’s Swift Programming Language Open Source.

If you are a programmer you know about Apple’s programming language Swift, which you can say is a successor of Objective-C, used for making apps for iOS , OSX and Apple Watch. Apple previously announced in WWDC in June that it is going yo make Swift Open Source, well this December , Apple has kept its promise and gifted the new programming language to the open source community.


If you need to know about Swift and its open source community go to which has already been set up by Apple. You can also got and visit the GitHub page to learn more.


Software update gone wrong,International Space Station got lost later found.

Software updates can sometimes be tricky. There is always a chance of having issues like your old phone may not support the updated version of your favourite app, or your old computer gets sluggish with the new update of operating system. But things can get more worse than this. Recently a software update caused to lose communication with International Space Station of NASA.

“Flight controllers were in the process of updating the station’s command and control software and were transitioning from the primary computer to the backup computer to complete the software aquarius weekly horoscopeaquarius weekly horoscope : This is a marvelous match. load when the loss of communication occurred.” -NASA

Luckily station at Houston, Texas, were able to get in touch with the ISS via Russian ground stations.

International Space Station
International Space Station

And if you dont know anything about ISS or the International Space Station. Here are some basic facts for you.

The International Space Station is a habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit.

Orbit height: 230 miles (370 km)
Speed on orbit: 4.791 miles/s (7.71 km/s)
Launch date: November 20, 1998
Cost: 150 billion USD

To now more about the incident click on the source link.

Source: NASA

New Largest Prime Number Discovered.

A U.S. mathematician used a giant network of computers to find a new prime number–17,425,170 digits long.

The largest prime number that has been discovered was 17,425,170 digits long. The new prime number crushes the previous one discovered in 2008, which was a paltry 12,978,189 digits online casino long. Number  2 raised to the 57,885,161 power minus 1 — was discovered by University of Central Missouri mathematician Curtis Cooper as part of a giant network of volunteer computers devoted to finding the prime number.The total computing power to find it was 360,000 processors operating at 150 trillion calculations per second.


Curtis Cooper
Curtis Cooper

Coding website for IE made easier.

If you are a web developer or designer  like me, you know the horror of making a beautiful modern website that works on Internet Explorer. Well apparently people at Microsoft felt the problem too. They have came up with a new service Modern.IE which helps you to check compatibility issue with the code of your website even if you dont have that specific version of IE it works even if you want to test on different version of Windows OS. You can do this even if you dont use Windows.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.26.47 PM

A new Arabic programming language, قلب (Alb, means “heart”) by Ramsey Nasser

Alb programming language-ahitagni_dot_com

If you are a programmer or even if you are not you may know that all the programming language in the World are written in Latin character set. But a computer scientist Ramsey Nasser, made a fully functional programming language in Arabic named قلب  (Alb, means “heart”), which use Arabic character set and not Latin character set ! As a programmer myself I think its a big break through..
See the video interview from the man himself below.


Update 1:

Changing the Title of the article[ from ” The World’s first Arabic programming language, قلب (Alb, means “heart”) ” to ” A new Arabic programming language, قلب (Alb, means “heart”) by Ramsey Nasser “] after reading a tweet from Ramsey Nasser. As this is not the first Arabic or non-latin programming language.

You can follow Ramsey Nasser on Twitter. You can also follow me @ahitagni

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